Store Product Catalogue and Ordering

Please feel free to browse through our full store product catalogue below.  For ordering of products from the catalogue that have not yet been added to our online shopping cart, please contact us and provide your name, phone number, shipping address and the items that you want to order.  We will then reply to your email with the price quote, and instructions on how to pay for your order by Paypal or Credit Card.

You may view our store product catalogue here as a PDF.  To download, right click then click “save link as”.  Catalogue date – August 27, 2023


Pricing Disclaimer:  Some product’s descriptions may have prices alongside the bottle’s dosage.  Should there be a discrepancy between the price shown alongside the description versus the price shown at the container, the current posted price for the product shown at the container will prevail over the prices at the descriptions.

Also, should there be a price discrepancy between the website’s prices under “Products” and the printed In-Store PDF Catalogue, the prices on the Catalogue will prevail.